Connection system for rigid frame corners.

With the Pitzl - RIGID system connector allows to build bending resistance connections between timber columns and beams (frame corners). The combination of the well - known HVP connector with an tension plate on the upper side replaces braces for example in carports. Larger versions may are also able to brace hall constructions in combination.

With the Pitzl - RIGID, the designer has the possibility to work with joints with a very high rotational spring stiffness. Due to the assembling of the beam to the column nearby the totally height of the inner lever can be used. This is one of the great advantages compared to other systems where the beams are directly supported on the head of the columns. Since in most of the constructions the height of the beams are greater than the dimensions of columns, the sideward connection enables a optimized joint method.

By a combination with the HVP connector, which enables to hang in the beam and afterwards the fixing of the tension plate - the system is very easy to install.