Certified safety

By PITZL we leave in terms of quality and safety nothing to chance.
We prove it in our complete product range for constructive applications where almost all eventualities and challenges are covered by comprehensive European Technical Approvals (ETA).

Ahead are intensive development and test works that PITZL performed in collaboration with the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT, Prof. Blaß).
Thereby PITZL has up to now a clear unique selling proposition and offer users – designers, structural engineers, as well as executing companies – maximal safety and comprehensive support.
It is not only the case for the new generation of HVP connectors but for the complete range of post bases, balcony and fence posts and accessories.

Assured from A to Z - PITZL has indeed considered with the current ETA extension of the HVP connectors all the points in detail: from C like Concrete connection, D like Distances to the edges, F like Fire protection, L like Lift-off protection, M like Moment transmission, P like Perpendicular load to S like optimized Screws lengths.

You can find our approvals and design documents here.