Sound protection angle bracket with power

Together with the company Getzner Werkstoffe GmbH and the timber engineering unit of the University Innsbruck, Pitzl Metallbau GmbH & Co. KG has developed a powerful perfectly sound-decoupled angle bracket for CLT constructions.

The so called „GePi-Winkel“, which was created as part of this cooperation, has a much higher load-bearing capacity than comparable concepts on the market. On the basis of test results the TVFA-Innsbruck confirms characteristic loads up to 60 kN for the GePi 240. An additional advantage of this system is the energy dissipation without any breakage in the earthquake case. Cyclic stresses impressively confirm the efficiency due to acting dynamic loads of the revolutionary GePi-concept.


Angle brackets for shear loads with decoupled flanks

- Connection timber-timber
- High wind forces
- Earthquake loads (GePi 240)
- Lifting forces
- Increased requirements on sound insulation

Advantages and benefits

- High shear- and tensile strength
- Sound transmission decoupled connection
- Proofed sound insulation
- Resistant to earthquakes (GePi 240)
- Reliability for Engineers and users
- Approved product quality

Characteristic Load-bearing capacity up to 60 kN

acc. to EN 1995:2014

Item no.LabelingDimensionScrewing 8 mmCharacteristic load-bearing capacity [kN] *)
(TK 8 x 80 TG)
(SK 8 x 160 VG)
81000.0100GePi 100100 mm100 mm100 mm354161212
81000.0240GePi 240100 mm240 mm100 mm31611506040

* Values determined with experimental tests from the University Innsbruck. European Technical Assessment (ETA) applied.

Item no.LabelingMaterial
Angle bracketSylodyn®Supporting plate
81000.0100GePi 100Steel S250GD + Z275Closed cellular pore structureSteel S235
81000.0240GePi 240Steel S250GD + Z275Closed cellular pore structureAluminium EN AW 6082

In coparision to a lot of other conventional building materials, elastomers have a distinctive pronounced non-linear material behavior.
That means, material parameters such as static- and dynamic stiffnesses are dependent on the particular load situation.
In order for an ideal use of the material Sylodyn®, we recommend a mounting kit to ensure a defined preload.


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